The thing with a bucket list is that it is an ongoing process.  As with case of ongoing processes you need to be prepared to write down ideas whenever they come to you.

I make sure I keep my phone with me at all times and write down any ideas in my trusty “Notes” app.

Of course you can go “old school” and keep a notebook and pen with you at all times – when you’re out, when you’re at work, when you’re at home and even besides your bed.  I have on the odd occasion woken up with a brilliant idea for my bucket list at 2 in the morning.

Whatever your idea you need to make sure you write it down so you don’t forget.

Not every idea is a good idea of course but you need to make sure you keep a record of your ideas as it may be important to revisit them later on.

Ideas can be developed and even combined with other ideas to create new bucket list goals but they can also just be things that we know we should do but don’t make a priority in our lives.

For instance, I had a desire to make sure I got myself vaccinated every year but I’d been slack and had never done it.  One reason was I didn’t have the motivation to give up my own time to go and get vaccinated each year even though it would help me during flu season.

Plus I am in an at risk category so technically I should get it done but as I mentioned before it was hard to find the motivation.  Plus at that time of the year I am always extremely busy at work so anything else just falls by the wayside.

So I woke up one night and thought I need to put this on my bucket list to accomplish – I am going to get a vaccination each year for a minimum of five years.  The lure of accomplishing something on my bucket list made sure this year that I am on my way to my goal plus I didn’t suffer as much during flu season.

Of course if I’d never written this down I may be where I was a year ago, thinking I should get myself vaccinated next year.

Trying to think of ideas in a session is often a bad idea – instead keep pen and paper or your phone with you and write down ideas as they come to you.  This is a good way to come up with new ideas without the pressure to write down a long list in one session.