This step is about transferring all of the ideas that you have pruned into one list that becomes your bucket list.

How you do it is truly up to you.

You can sort your bucket list goals by time ie these are the goals I want to do by the time I’m 30, by the the time I’m 40 etc.

You can also sort them by importance.  The things you really, really want to do are at the top of your list and your list is ordered by priority in that manner.

You can go alphabetical if you have no preference.

Or you can sort it out by category.  For instance all your travel goals get grouped together, all your career goals get grouped together, your finance goals and so on.

I have chosen to group the majority of my goals in alphabetical order but I’ve also got a bunch that I added afterwards to the bottom of the list so mine is a bit of a combination list at the moment.

However you choose, make sure that the ordering is important to you.  If it’s not important, it doesn’t matter.  If it is – choose an ordering system that you are comfortable with AND  remember to re-order your list when you add new goals to your list.