I have a goal to read 20 minutes a day for a year.

A small goal but I wanted to increase my knowledge each day as well as my vocab and if left to my own devices reading is something that I only do occasionally so I wanted to make it a regular habit for a year.

At the moment, I have been doing since the 4th June and so far so good!

Here are some of the books I have read:

  • Divergent and Insurgent by Veronica Roth
  • How to build websites that sell by Peep Laja
  • Outsourcing Mastery by Steve Scott
  • How to ignite your Facebook Ad Success  by JC Cavanaugh
  • What the most successful people do on the weekend by Laura Vanderkam

Plus I’ve nearly finished Alliegant by Veronica Roth and the experience has been enjoyable so far as I am both learning new things to use as well as enjoying a few fiction books too.

Next book I’m planning on finishing is Deadly Heat by Richard Castle which I’m halfway through and then to get the new James Patterson book Invisible which is out on the 1st July.


I started work in a new job plus trying to finish up work with my old job I stopped doing this task.

I’ll try and take it up again next year I think.


I’m working more than I did last year so it may be foolish to try this again but my aim is to read 20 minutes before I go to bed each day alongside of my goal to read 100 books in a year.