Have yet to start this one as we are in the middle of Winter in Australia and I live somewhere with a cold climate.

I’ll look at starting this one when it is closer to Spring/Summer.


Today I went to my first garage sale in ages.  Perhaps years.  Anyway, I not only went to one but went to seven.  So now 43 to go.


Ended up going to two more but didn’t get there until later in the morning and was rather disappointed with what was on offer.  A good lesson to get there early!


Went to nine more garage sales today and only didn’t buy something at one of them.  Fortunately a lot of them started at different times.  32 to go!


Went to a staggering sixteen garage sales this morning including several moving sales and an estate sale.  Lots of good bargains but am exhausted now.  Plus I’ve halved the required number of garage sales to 16.