My goal with this is get all the achievements in Sims 3 so I can say I’ve done it.

I think I still have 150 odd to go though and the new version is out September this year so I was pressuring myself to get it done by then but that’s not going to happen (not unless I play Sims 3 all day every day and I do have to work!).

So this is the list of things I’ve still got to go and I am trying to complete them at the rate of one a week (which is achievable).

Anyway here’s the list (what I’ve added so far anyway):

  1. Brawler – Have a Sim win 30 fights
  2. Trying to fit in – Complete 10 Social Group Opportunities
  3. Pool Performer – Have a Sim win $10,000 in tips from playing pool
  4. Glitter Groupies – As a Vampire have 5 Vampire friends
  5. Steal with Style – Have an Evil Sim become a Master Thief and steal candy from 20 babies
  6. Festival Champ – Have a Sim win Apple Bobbing Contest and a Game of Horseshoes
  7. Your Own Biggest Fan – Have your own Diva Sim compliment themselves 15 times
  8. Going the Distance – Have a Sim jog 2,000 kilometres
  9. New Relationships – Transmogrify 5 relationships
  10. Major Master – Fulfill the Major Master Lifetime Wish
  11. A Week about Me – Have a Sim get the It’s All About Me moodlet 7 days in a row
  12. Exams for Sale – Sell exam answers to 5 sims
  13. Center of Attention – Have your Sim sing on the karaoke machine 20 times
  14. Everything’s Better with Herbs – Add herbs to meals 20 times and burn 20 herbs in a bonfire.
  15. Evil Sweets – Have a Sim become an Emperor of Evil in the evil in the Criminal Career then serve 20 batches of great cookies
  16. Long Distance Kisser – Have a Sim with the Irresistible trait wink and blow kisses 20 times
  17. Enemy of the People  – Have a Sim make 15 enemies
  18. Dynamic Duo – Have your Sim sing 5 duets on a Karaoke Machine
  19. The Show Must Go On – Perform a Legendary Acrobat Show in a Big Show Venue as a Ghost
  20. Thaumaturgist – Cast 25 Successful Charms
  21. Works Hard for the Money – Earn $20,000 in tips as an Acrobat
  22. Try The Goods – Have your Spa Package Seller Sim get a massage
  23. On the Spot – Conduct 15 live interviews with the Mobile Radio Station
  24. Born Explorer – Find 5 hidden islands
  25. Your Mama the Llama – Have your Sim imply 6 Sims’ mothers are llamas
  26. The Magic of Money – Earn $20,000 in tips as a Magician
  27. Librophile – Have a Sim read 60 unique books
  28. Lap of Luxury – Stay at a resort 5 times
  29. Self-Salving – Throw 5 elixirs at yourself
  30. Master of Illusion – Have a Sim fulfil the Master Magician Lifetime Wish
  31. Plant Kisses – Have a PlantSim give 10 flower kisses and 10 poison kisses
  32. Fairly Fine Enchanter – Perform the Gold and Toads, Inner Beauty and Flight of Felicity Fairy Enchantments 8 times each then sleep until Well Rested
  33. Legendary Performer – Have a Sim put a Legendary Show as an Acrobat
  34. Celebratory Psychic – Earn the Celebrity Psychic Lifetime Wish
  35. Romantic Photos – Take a romantic photo with someone 20 times
  36. Featured Member Badge – Unlock this badge by having one of your uploaded items featured
  37. The World is Your Oyster – Collect 25 Shells
  38. The Fairy House Party Party – As a Fairy have 8 Fairy Friends
  39. Texterity – Send 50 text messages
  40. 25 Shared Memories Badge – Unlock this badge by sharing 25 Memories
  41. Master of the Literary Arts – Have a Sim write 2 Sci-Fi, Drama, Humor, Mystery and Romance novels then write 2 Vaudeville novels
  42. I Smelt a Lot – Get 30 Metals smelted
  43. Conventional Game Conventions – As a Game Studio Head, hold 3 video game conventions
  44. Sole Survivor – Make it across a scorching fire walk pit
  45. The Town Tutor – Have your Sim tutor 40 other sims