I’ve decided to abandon this one and have removed it from my master list as of 29/12/2015 as so many of these achievements are broken making this an impossible task.

List of Achievements 22/94 Completed

  1. Fun Money – Earn $100,000 in amusement park profit in one day.
  2. Where Did We Park? – Welcome your 1000th park visitor.
  3. Sand Through My Fingers – Have total expenses of $15,000+ per hour.
  4. Money Cube – Have a total income of $15,000+ per hour.
  5. Good Credit – Pay off $1,000,000 in bond debt.
  6. Multi-Millionaire City – Have $10,000,000 in your treasury.
  7. Busy Downtown – Have at least 100 commercial buildings in your city.
  8. Big Government – Place one of each of the city hall departments on a single city hall.
  9. Quid Pro Quo – Place one of each of all the modules on a single mayor’s mansion.
  10. Industrial Revolution – Have 100 industrial buildings in your city.
  11. Suburb City – Have 10,000 residents living in your city.
  12. Population Boom – Have 50,000 residents living in your city.
  13. Metropolis! – Have 100,000 residents living in your city.
  14. Jumbo Region! – Have 1,000,000 residents living in a region.
  15. Mega-Region! – Have 2,000,000 residents living in a region.
  16. Suburbitopia – Have 500 residential buildings in your city.
  17. My Favorite Mayor – Have 24 hours of a 75% or better approval rating.
  18. Worst. Mayor. Ever. – Have an approval rating of below 50% for 24 hours.
  19. Best Mayor Ever! – Have an approval rating of 95% or more.
  20. Revolving Doors – Have 25 criminals released from jail cells in one day due to overcrowding.
  21. Bad Move, Creeps – Have your police capture their first criminal.
  22. Redemption of the Sims – Rehabilitate 50 criminals in a day!
  23. SimCity University! – Have a university with each school module.
  24. No Child Left Behind – Plop 20 School Bus Stops in one city.
  25. High Tech Fire Fightin’ – Add the hazmat garage, the fire helipad, and the fire marshal office to a large fire station in your city.
  26. You’re on Fire! – Extinguish 1 hazmat fires in your city in a day!
  27. Only You Can Prevent City Fires – Put out more than 10 fires in a day.
  28. Green Plumbobs – Pick up 10 tons of recyclables in your city in a day!
  29. Dump City! – Have 500 tons of garbage in your garbage dumps!
  30. Garbage Man! – Pick up 10 tons of garbage in a day!
  31. Medical Miracle – Plop a hospital and treat 200 sick sims in a day.
  32. EMT ASAP – Pick up and treat 50 injured sims in one day.
  33. All-Powerful Region – Produce power from one of each type of power plant in a region (coal, oil, wind, solar, and nuclear).
  34. Super-Powered – Have a city that has over 300 mW of power needed per hour.
  35. Ick or Treat! – Treat 200 kgal/hr of sewage at a sewage treatment plant./li>
  36. Sewage Stuffing – With 10,000 or more residents, prevent sewage issues using only sewage outlet pipes.
  37. Main Attraction – Have 300 low-wealth tourists leave your city satisfied in one day.
  38. Sunday! Sunday! Sunday! – Run a successful stadium event in your city.
  39. Cruisin’ Along – Have 2,000 Sims take a cruise in a day.
  40. A Streetcar Named SimCity – Have 1,000 sims travel by streetcar in a day.
  41. All Aboard – Have 1,000 sims take the train in a day.
  42. Sludge-Free H-2-0! – Pump 500 kgal of fresh, clean water an hour.
  43. Aqua Max – Have a city that has over 100 kgal of water needed per hour.
  44. You Mean Business! – Plop every city specialization HQ in the game.
  45. King Coal – Extract a total of 100 tons of coal.
  46. Electrical Magic – Assemble 4,000 crates of processors in a day.
  47. Sin City – Place one of each type of casino in a single city.
  48. Penny Slots – Generate $200,000 in total revenue from casinos.
  49. Blast Furnace – Smelt a total of 100 tons of metal.
  50. All Oiled Up – Pump 10,000 barrels of crude oil in a day.
  51. Refined Tastes – Refine 40 barrels of fuel and 40 crates of plastic in a single city in one hour.
  52. To Be Ore Not to Be – Extract a total of 100 tons of raw ore.
  53. A Lot of Lots – Place 6 unique storage lot types on any trade depot or trade port.
  54. Trading Empire – Ship 250,000 global market export shipments.
  55. Moving Pictures – Assemble 100 crates of tv’s in one day in a single city.
  56. Specialist First Class – Select “Guide Me” for any city specialization.
  57. Higher Power – Have 100 Worshippers attend a worship service in one day.
  58. Quite A Congregation – Have your 1000th worshipper attend a House of Worship in your city.
  59. First Contact – Make Contact with Friendly Aliens en route to Simulation.
  60. Close Counters Of The Eek! Kind – Make Contact with Hostile Aliens en route to Simulation.
  61. One Small Step – Launch 10,000 colonists in the launch arcology.
  62. Where No One Has Gone Before – Safely Land the Launch Arcology on Simulon.
  63. The Big (Insert Fruit Here) – Have 50 high-density, low-wealth commercial buildings in your city.
  64. Technophile – Have 40 high-density, high-tech industrial buildings in your city!
  65. Skyscraper Magnet – Have 10 high-density, high-wealth commercial buildings!
  66. Billionaire’s Playground – Have 10 high-density, high-wealth residential buildings in your city.
  67. Elite Estates – Have 50 low-density, high-wealth residential buildings in your city.
  68. Office Parks – Have 50 low-density, high-wealth commercial buildings in your city.
  69. Apartment Rows – Have 50 high-density, low-wealth residential buildings in your city.
  70. Llamahound – Have a municipal bus from a neighbor make 100 trips into your city within a year.
  71. Godfather – Have 50 crimes in one month in a region of 5,000+ residents.
  72. Extraditions – Have your police capture 50 criminals in neighbor cities.
  73. A Burning Region of Fire – Have 50 fires extinguished in your region in a day.
  74. Time to Relocate – Have 200+ garbage issues at once in a region.
  75. Team Mayor – Grant approvals for 10 buildings for the region.
  76. The Philanthropist – Gift $200,000 or more to a neighbor.
  77. Make Sure You’re Grounded… – Provide both power and water to a neighbor, at the same time.
  78. Bronze Anniversary – Play a city for 10 years.
  79. Silver Anniversary – Play a city for 25 years!
  80. Golden Anniversary – Play a city for 50 years! Take a break!
  81. Dug Too Greedily and Too Deep – Mine 100 tons of coal or raw ore in your city to gain access to the earthquake disaster.
  82. Drone Controller To Outworld 6 – Secret Achievement
  83. What Goes Up Must Come Down – Have 200 tourists arrive on flights at the municipal airport in a day to gain access to the meteor strike disaster.
  84. Laboratory Outbreak – Add a diagnostic lab to a hospital and have 15 Sims die in a day to gain access to the zombie attack disaster.
  85. What’s Cookin’? – Burn 100 tons of garbage in an Incinerator at thegarbage dump to gain access to the big lizard disaster.
  86. We Are Not Alone – Ship any resource to a space center great work to gain access to the UFO encounter disaster.
  87. Blowin’ in the Wind – Have 24 wind turbines at wind power plants in your city to gain access to the tornado disaster.
  88. 2 Kilometer Island! – Have a nuclear meltdown in your city.
  89. Mayor Yuck – Have 500 Sims complaining about dirty water in a day.
  90. French Authority – Lock up 10 criminals at the french police station.
  91. German Efficiency – Have 50,000 sims take trips on trains from thegerman high-speed rail station.
  92. UK Character – Have 10,000 sims get picked up by double-decker buses from the double-decker bus terminal.
  93. See Simcity By Airship – Welcome your first visitor by airship.
  94. Captain Of The Skies – Receive 1,200 workers or tourists by airship in one day.