Ok. I saw this on another website and I thought I can do this easily.  Little did I know how much I rely on TV for escapism but I have done ok so far.

I think I’m about 20 days in (or thereabouts) and I finish on the 14th July.

I have learnt to find different ways to relax – I’ve been reading, playing games, doing things on my bucket list and going to the movies (no more than usual though).

Was hard during the first few days as I realised how much I used the TV as background noise rather than something to actively do.

I think when this is over I’ll try to actively use TV only rather than just leave it on all day.

Plus the added bonus is that my electricity bill should be lower as I’ve had the TV and system unplugged for 40 days.

Decided to put this on hold til later in the year.

I needed a night in to relax before I start a new job tomorrow and I’ve counted the 20 days I’ve already done towards Give up TV for one week which is now complete.  Yay!