So when I started this list I actually had only a couple of months to complete and considering I had only completed 100 odd things it was kind of impossible to do by the time I turned 35.

Since then however I’ve “upped the ante” and got a lot more things done including some months where I’ve completed 4 or 5.  Now I’m up to 210 and am looking at having the 250 done by early 2017.

This is the list of the things I’ve done so far:


  1. Apply for a job that is way above your experience level
  2. Bake a cake with no instant mixes
  3. Complete a 1,000 piece puzzle
  4. Do a 3D Puzzle
  5. Do a Lethal Weapon Marathon
  6. Do a Mission Impossible Marathon
  7. Do a Twenty Four Hour Silence
  8. Donate Fly Buys points to Charity
  9. Earn a certificate for the sake of learning
  10. Finish all Harry Potter movies
  11. Finish all Twilight Movies
  12. Finish a Crossword Puzzle
  13. Do a Chronicles of Narnia Marathon
  14. Fly in an Airplane
  15. Get a QLD Reds jersey
  16. Give up TV for one week
  17. Go Camping
  18. Go for a glass bottom boat ride
  19. Go on a long hike
  20. Have a positive net worth
  21. Make Homemade pizza
  22. Never work full time again
  23. Own a pillow pet
  24. Own a University Jumper
  25. Paint Eggs For Easter
  26. Participate in a Fun Run
  27. Participate in a Musical
  28. Petition against animal cruelty
  29. Raise Money for Charity
  30. Read a whole book in one day
  31. Read the Hobbit book
  32. Read the Lord of the Rings books
  33. Search to give by using a search engine that donates to a nonprofit of your choice for every search you make (like GoodSearch)
  34. See Hunger Games Mockingjay Part One
  35. See Sydney Roosters play
  36. Shop during Boxing Day Sales
  37. Spend an entire day watching Disney Movies
  38. Start a pin map
  39. Stuff yourself silly with your favourite junk food
  40. Watch all the Lord of the Rings movies back to back
  41. Watch every episode of Once Upon a Time
  42. Watch the sun rise and set in one day
  43. Write a Letter to Santa Claus
  44. Read the book before I see the movie
  45. Have a Pirates of the Caribbean Movie Marathon
  46. Take a walk in the rain
  47. Hold down a full time job again
  48. Take a book reading holiday
  49. Pick up someone else’s litter
  50. Go to a Chocolate Factory
  51. Become Influential on Klout
  52. Watch a Movie Marathon
  53. Sing Karaoke in Public
  54. Go to a midnight showing of a movie
  55. Go Whale Watching
  56. Graduate from university
  57. Create a website
  58. Visit a museum
  59. Serenade Someone
  60. Go to a sporting event
  61. Make a Donation to Charity
  62. Go to a concert
  63. Go outside and lie on the grass
  64. Learn to swim
  65. Buy a new car
  66. Regularly Donate to Charity
  67. Take my own lunch to work instead of buying it
  68. See a 3D Movie
  69. Take Mum to see a 3D movie
  70. Try Wii Fitness
  71. Get the Nintendo Wii
  72. Have someone think I am younger than I am
  73. Have a candlelit bath
  74. Read the bible in full
  75. Get an Ipod
  76. Experience a driving holiday around Tasmania
  77. Order Room Service
  78. Buy something from a TV shopping channel
  79. Go to a Matchbox Twenty concert
  80. Sponsor a child
  81. Meet someone that I have lost touch with
  82. Donate clothing to people who need it
  83. Sell something on EBay
  84. See 3 Films at the Cinema in one day
  85. Help someone in distress
  86. Become a mentor
  87. Quit your job
  88. Spend a whole day in bed
  89. Take a trip to the zoo
  90. Watch all the Shrek movies
  91. Watch all the Die Hard movies
  92. Finish CPA Program
  93. Advance to CPA
  94. Ask for a pay rise
  95. Try Kayaking
  96. Ride a rollercoaster
  97. Win a competition
  98. Buy something from Ebay
  99. Back up all my music digitally
  100. Graduate from high school
  101. Move out of home
  102. Rent my own apartment
  103. Do my own taxes
  104. Get friends (may sound silly but that’s all I wanted at school)
  105. Get my ears pierced
  106. Get my epilepsy under control
  107. Learn to drive
  108. Pass my drivers license test
  109. Get my first car
  110. Spend the whole day by yourself
  111. Visit a beach
  112. Pull an all nighter
  113. Ride in a water taxi
  114. Use a Jacuzzi
  115. Contact an old friend
  116. Sing for an audience
  117. Play for an audience
  118. Get an autograph from a Sydney Roosters player
  119. Reduce my facebook friends to people I know
  120. Survive a disaster
  121. Have a bubble bath
  122. Take all my medication consistently for one month
  123. Take all my medication consistently for one week
  124. Ride in a police car
  125. Visit a World Expo
  126. Take different driving routes each day for a week
  127. Learn how to inflate tyres at home
  128. Buy an Apple TV
  129. Buy a carpet shampooer so I can shampoo my own carpets
  130. Get Front Row Seat’s To A Concert
  131. Leave my Christmas Tree up for a whole year
  132. Ride a Train
  133. Go on a Holiday on my Own
  134. Read the Hunger Games Books
  135. Read the Divergent Books
  136. See a Sheffield Shield Match 
  137. See a Rugby League Game
  138. Learn to play the flute
  139. Play the Bongos
  140. See an inactive volcano
  141. Buy A Soundbar or Home Theatre System
  142. See the Hobbit 3
  143. Assemble a List of Your All-Time Favorite Quotes
  144. Visit the Brisbane Show
  145. Dine in the Dark
  146. Make the ultimate Driving Playlist
  147. Read all the Maze Runner Books
  148. Go trekking in a rainforest
  149. See a Domestic Four Day Match
  150. Make snow cones
  151. Make the playlist the soundtrack to my life (100 songs)
  152. Live without Facebook for a week
  153. Live without Facebook for a month
  154. Have a money management account
  155. Put change into someone’s expired meter
  156. Attend Easterfest
  157. Watch all the Get Smart episodes back to back
  158. Experience falling snow
  159. Spend time helping a Charitable Cause regularly (once a month for at least a year)
  160. Take a writing course
  161. Change all light bulbs to energy saving ones
  162. Read a book a month for a year
  163. Send someone an anonymous gift
  164. Set up proper master bedrom  furniture including tv in the closet
  165. Sleep in a plane
  166. Stay in a five star hotel
  167. Do something nice for someone who will never find out
  168. Go for a drive following the car in front wherever it goes
  169. Attend a World Cup Game
  170. See Insurgent
  171. Watch all the Hobbit movies back to back
  172. See Cinderella
  173. See Fast and Furious 7
  174. Try Waterskiing
  175. See Switchfoot in Concert
  176. Watch all the Lost Episodes back to back
  177. See The Avengers: Age of Ultron
  178. Turn off the phone for a week
  179. Have a Marathon and watch all the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings movies back to back
  180. Cook/eat at home everyday for at least a week
  181. Buy something from an Infomercial
  182. See Minions Movie
  183. See Jurassic World
  184. Do a Sudoku Every Day For A Month
  185. Watch all of the Star Wars movies in a row
  186. See Mission Impossible 5
  187. Read the book that inspired the Sound of Music
  188. Watch every episode of Frasier
  189. Watch the 10 best movies of all time (as voted by Rotten Tomatoes)
  190. Watch every episode of Friends
  191. Read all 7 Harry Potter books
  192. Watch all the Harry Potter movies back to back after reading the books
  193. Be a Subject in a Research Study
  194. Become a Sydney Roosters member
  195. See Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials
  196. Watch every episode of Criminal Minds
  197. See a foreign film
  198. Watch all of the James Bond movies
  199. Have a Despicable Me/Minions Marathon
  200. Have a Jurassic Park Marathon (after Jurassic World is released)
  201. Bake a cake for someone special
  202. Attend the first test match of the summer at the Gabba
  203. Buy an exercise machine so I can exercise at home
  204. See Hunger Games Mockingjay Part Two
  205. Have a Hunger Games Marathon (after all movies are released)
  206. Inventory everything I don’t use so I can sell or give away
  207. Get an autographed photo of Barbara Feldon
  208. Publish my first book
  209. Attend a sci-fi convention
  210. See the Peanuts movie