These are my favourite apps to manage my bucket list.


Errands is not a bucket list app but it is worthy of mention because it is an excellent to do app that can help keep you on track with your bucket list.

You can set alarms, set recurring schedules, specify different categories plus you can add notes as a checklist.

In the premium version you can use iCloud and sync across all your Apple devices.

It is by far the best to do list app I have found but I want to write about exactly how I use it.

This year I am trying to get up to level 50 in Settlers Online so I use my Errands app to help me.










So you can see I’ve reminders set to recur every two months.

However, I’ve also fallen behind with reading 100 books in a year and I’ve worked out that I need to read 4 books every 11 days so I’ve set up a new reminder to get to my next goal in 11 days’ time.  In this case it is to read 56 books by the 2nd September.

To keep myself on track and to break up the goal into manageable sized bites I’ve added notes and made a checklist out of them.










This helps keep me on track until I reach my goal.



Make It Happen

Make It Happen is another iPhone app designed to help you achieve your goals.  It works by letting you add goals which can either be text based or numerical and you can add categories and images as well.

There is a lite version available as well but with the lite version you are limited to 10 goals and it is ad supported.

I use it to track individual goals and focus on completing three goals a month.  I do so that I am continually making progress towards completing my list.










I’ve set it up to make each month a category, that way it’s sorted in order of date.  What makes Make It Happen is the ability to add details to your goals.










In the goal detail you can specify when you want the goal to happen by and automatically in the summary screen it tells you how many days to go until you have to achieve your goal.

Also you can set milestones if there are multiple parts to your goal.  For instance with this goal, to read the 7 Harry Potter books, in the milestones I have a list of the books so I can check them off as I go.

You can also add any notes plus images as well.

The category I have set as the date because I wanted the goals to sort by date and as well you can set a current value so you can measure your progress.

Then on the summary screen you can visually see your progress.









With numerical goals it gets even better.  You can set a start and ending number as well as your current number and specify the unit of measurement.









Plus you can still set milestones and add images to your goal.