Everyone has down time.  I’m not talking about relaxation time but about waiting time – when we are waiting at the bus stop or the doctor’s office.  Anytime you are waiting there is an opportunity.  An opportunity to make inroads into a goal you are working towards.

Let’s say for example you want to read a classic novel but you don’t have hours in your schedule to allocate to reading.  What you can do is try to do your reading between appointments, while you are waiting for something or if there is a cancellation.

If I’m going to see a movie, instead of sitting in the cinema twiddling my thumbs I use that time to read a book on my phone.  If I got stuck at roadworks I did the same thing.  I went through a stretch a few years ago where you could get stuck at roadworks for between 15 minutes and half an hour which is huge waste of time unless you know how to use it.

Most of us have a smart phone now but what apps are there that you could use to get more done during those 5 minute gaps that you have in your day.  You will be surprised at the amount you can accomplish.  If you get a 5 minute gap every second day and you read 0.5% each time, in just over a year you could have finished that book or you could still be complaining that you don’t have enough time.

Which would you rather be doing?

Achieving your goals is not about having enough time but about commitment.  Be committed to not waste a minute of your life, use your time wisely and if you do that you’ll find that you can accomplish everything you ever dreamed of.