My journey into starting a bucket list started five years ago.
I’d got to the end of the year and looking back over the year I couldn’t pinpoint one thing that I had accomplished.
It was incredibly discouraging.  So being the Type A, driven, goal-orientated person that I am I decided to do something about it and decided to create a bucket list of things I wanted to accomplish in my life.
It has been through several reincarnations since then from its early beginning on to creating the current list on my website.
Originally, I started with about 100 or so items on my list but the problem was most of them were so out of reach I never felt like I was moving forward in my life.  
For instance, one goal was to visit Paris.  To do that I needed money (which I didn’t have), a passport (which I didn’t have) and time to take off work (which I also didn’t have) so in the end my bucket list stayed as it was and I was still nowhere near accomplishing what I wanted to accomplish.
So in June 2014 I decided to have another go at creating a bucket list.  I was still discouraged but more determined than ever to make something of my life.  So incorporating all of the items that were still on my bucket list I decided to add some more by trawling through various bucket list websites for ideas.
The problem I quickly discovered is that most bucket list websites have the same suggestions and I was quickly getting nowhere fast but I found a couple of places that did help me (sorry I don’t remember the names of them just now).  
One website had a list of items that didn’t cost any money to do (perfect for me) and someone else had published a free e-book on 1000 things to add to your bucket list which was great to go through and either use some of the ideas or inspiration for some others.
My bucket list started to take shape and by that time I had over 400 things on my list but I wanted more.  So I set myself a goal to have 1000 things on my bucket list.  
I included movies I really wanted to see, tv marathons and shows I always wanted to watch and book reading lists to work towards and in the end, I go to 1000 things.
I then quickly realized that I was way behind if I wanted to accomplish all of those things before I die so I started working on when I needed to accomplish certain goals, what I could do now and what I could steadily work on each month.
For the most part it has been reasonably successful.  By having smaller goals as well I can still accomplish things as well as working towards those longer term goals (like reading 1000 books).
Although creating a bucket list with 1000 items isn’t for everyone, it is a good place to start for inspiration.  The most important thing I’ve learnt is that it’s ok to not have things on there that everyone else wants to do as a bucket list is about things you want to do, not anyone else.
It’s also never too late to get started.  In a year I’ve probably been able to cross close to 100 things off my list and although I’m not where I wanted to be, I am far ahead of where I was this time last year and that’s good enough for me.
With this website you’ll be able to see my list in it’s entirety, read about my progression every week as well as explore details of the things I’ve accomplished.
But it’s not all about me.
I’m also adding information on how you can create your own bucket list (with practical steps) as well as how you can manage it and start to cross some of your own items off your list.
Remember, life is a journey, enjoy it!