whale watching at sea world, gold coast
Whale Watching at Sea World

One of things I have (now had) on my bucket list for a long time was to go whale watching.

I put off (i.e. procrastinated!) about travelling up to Hervey Bay to go see them.  The timing never seemed to work and so on and so on.

But in 2013, I got a $100 voucher for Red Balloon from Telstra for signing up my home phone and internet with them.  If you don’t know who Red Balloon are they sell all sorts of experiences that you can have.

Anyway long story short I got a voucher for a whale watching tour with Sea World and another to go to the Adelaide Zoo (which I was unable to use, sadly).

I did mistakenly forget how prone I was to sea sickness but I did survive!

Plus it was the only the last third of the journey that I had to stay on the bottom level of the boat with the other “sickies”.  The advantage was that being closer to the water I got to see the whales up close.

I’d bought a new video camera for the experience and in trying to load all the footage I’d taken when I got home I somehow deleted it all!  Tried everything I could to get it back but it was gone.

Anyway I still I have one photo and a lot of great memories to take with me.