I did this a couple of years ago because firstly, I love the series and wanted the chance to watch the episodes all over again.  Secondly, I wanted to watch the episodes I missed the first time around.  I have this habit of watching shows and then I miss one or two episodes and quickly lose interest so I wanted to spend some time catching up on the episodes I missed.

The sad part about all of this is I did this in preparation for the fourth season being released in Australia and despite it being shown in the U.S. probably over a year and a half ago now it have appeared on the television screens.  Also, I can’t get it on DVD here as DVD’s aren’t released until the show has finished its run on free to air television.

So the only option at the moment is to order it from Amazon some time but will probably wait until I need something else as postage costs a bit from the U.S. to Australia.