I didn’t intend to do this, this week but it happened accidentally!


I decided to wind around behind Toowoomba to go home but I missed the turn off and couldn’t turn around unfortunately as there was one – no room and two – I had someone right on my tail.

So I ended up driving to Biddeston (24km from Toowoomba) and turning around and going back.  After all that, I decided to go see a movie and get some groceries so instead of arriving home at 4.20pm, it was about 8.00pm.


Tuesday was a crazy day as I had to meet with a new student after work and I had only a general idea of where I was going so I didn’t go home first but went to the suburb and accidentally found my way!  Then I got dinner afterwards and made my way home.


Wednesday I went straight home with the traditional route that I’d been travelling so I could do as much work as I could before I had to go to bed.


Ended up today trying to get some takeaway on the way via a slightly different way than usual and had to circle the block as I was blocked by traffic.


Left early to meet my parents for lunch so I drove to a local shopping centre to meet them and then drove home afterwards.

Five Days – Five Different Ways To Get Home

It was good for the brain too as I remember reading an article that if you want to increase your intelligence you have to do new things all the time rather than sticking to a routine.