Ever since I heard there was going to be a Peanuts movie made and then released I was both excited and apprehensive.  I was excited because I love anything Snoopy or Peanuts related but apprehensive because overall all the television specials were a bit of a disappointment to me and it didn’t do the characters any justice whatsoever.

I planned to go see it at the advance screening primarily because I wouldn’t have to battle holiday shoppers for when it is finally released on New Year’s day.  The ticket was also much cheaper and proceeds did go to a good cause so that factored into my decision making process.

So what did I think of the movie?

I did a blog post/review right after I saw the movie but I loved it.  It incorporated so many things that people (including me) love about Peanuts and Snoopy including Lucy’s “Psychiatric Help” stand, Lucy pulling the football away, Snoopy and the Red Baron, Charlie Brown failing but trying so hard and trying to impress the red-haired girl plus Sally, Linus, Schroeder and the rest.

Definitely worth going to see and worth the wait for them to finally get a television/movie right.