Initially I was going to read the Fault in our Stars before I saw the movie but at the time I was going through some stuff and I didn’t want to read a sad book so I ended up choosing to read Divergent instead.

I saw the preview before it came out at the movies but didn’t end up going to see it so I decided to read the book and ended up reading the entire series.  Loved the book series and have pre-ordered the movie when it is released on the 27th August (my birthday coincidentally) so I can then watch the movie.

I have sort of done this before.  I saw Hunger Games at the cinema and ended up reading the entire series before seeing Hunger Games: Catching Fire but that was in the middle of a series of movies/books and I wanted to do a fresh one anyway.

Also, I could do the Book Thief as I have it to watch on DVD but I haven’t read the book so that it another option if I don’t want to wait to complete this challenge until August.

So to finally end this one I did watch Divergent (but it was after my birthday) and I must say I was a bit disappointed.  The reasons being that there is so much emotional build up between the characters and the plot itself it is really hard to do it in a two hour movie but then again I just found it really hard to connect to the characters in the movie which may have had a lot to do with it.

I think it is probably better to read the book afterwards as I’ve felt I got more out of the book afterwards then going to see the movie after reading the book.

I also saw Insurgent when it came out too and had exactly the same experience – I don’t think it did the book justice although both Insurgent and Divergent are very good movies.  It will be interesting to see how I feel after the third one gets released in its entirety.