One of things I’ve wanted to do is to buy a pillow pet.  I was always a little bit embarassed being a fully grown adult to go and buy what is essentially a toy for myself.

Of course in the past I have bought other stuffed animals (I still have Sully from Monsters Inc, various Snoopy toys and even some Blues Clues toys) but I was still embarassed to buy one for some reason.

Anyway, after much indecision I decided to buy an “Eeyore” pillow pet from the “Winnie the Pooh” characters.  “Eeyore” is purple in colour which is my favourite colour too and I’ve really enjoyed having one.  Not only can they be used as a pillow but mine has a light switch and if you turn all the lights off you can look at a light display on the ceiling.  I find this an enjoyable way to spend a few minutes when I was something fun and a little childish to do.