I have been camping a few times whether it has been with school camps or with girl guides but never voluntarily.  I’m more of a luxury kind of girl.

Anyway, the first time I went camping I was eight and went on my first school camp and we stayed in little cabins and it lasted about four days.

However, the first time I went camping in a tent would have been when I was in girl guides, so we had to pitch our own tents and learn how to brave the elements.  I’d never been on a real camping trip with my family so it was pretty daunting for me but I did learn how to pitch a tent, how to cook outdoors as well as brave the outdoor and portable showers.

I can’t say I have much enthusiasm for going camping again.  Sometimes I think that would be a nice idea but the reality of sleeping outdoors comes back to me and I think I’d opt for a hotel instead!