I started this goal as a part of giving up TV for 40 days – sadly I never made it to 40 days (yet!) so it became completing this goal.

So what did I learn from this goal?

One, I watch a lot of TV.

Two, I think I use TV as background noise a lot, something to do when there is nothing to do so I ended up listening to a lot of music instead.

Three, I got a lot of stuff done.  TV is such a big distraction and not having the TV on meant I go so much done than I thought was possible.

Finally, I didn’t realise how much TV I watched until I stopped watching it!  The first few days were hard, as is the case with breaking any habit but after that I settled into a comfortable routine for the last half of the week.

Will try and do the 40 day give up TV challenge sometime soon – it will have to be when there is no sport on to watch!