Technically the first time I flew in an airplane is when I was two or younger but I don’t really count that as I have no memory of it.

The first “real” time I flew in an airplane was when I was in my late twenties and went on my first trip to Tasmania.  Never having flown in an airplane before, been through an airport and being on my own it was all a bit daunting even if it was only a domestic flight.

Admittedly I was calmer once I’d gotten through security and had found the correct airport gate.  Unlike the return journey where there is only a choice of five gates, in Brisbane there can be up to 50 as planes travel every domestically and internationally.

I was also afraid of missing my flight (probably watched too many movies where people missed their flight) so I got there an hour early.  Once on the plane though I started to relax although the take off I found a harrowing experience.  I think it’s the process of giving complete control to the pilots for my well-being as it’s not like being in a car or even on tram where you can take evasive action or attempt to minimize any impact.  If something goes wrong you are completely in their hands.

I have never been more relieved to land even if it was only temporary as I had to take another connecting flight later the same day.

I still haven’t got over my feeling of apprehension and even through my first episode of turbulence I am still not a great flyer but am trying to become more relaxed with each airplane journey.