I’m writing this about six months after I completed this goal but I want to write something about each experience of completing a bucket list goal.

Before I saw the fifth installment of the Mission Impossible series I wanted to do a refresh of all the previous ones as it had been a few years since I’ve seen some of them.  So I ended up deciding to have a marathon and make it a bucket list goal as there were a few things I had to take off the list for various reasons.

Anyway I set aside a day (I think it was a Saturday from memory) and rented the 4 movies from iTunes to watch through my Apple TV.  I didn’t have any technical difficulties so that part went ok.

The first movie was great and I remembered how much I loved it when it was first released.  The second one not so much and if I was going to be perfectly honest I’d write that I never really enjoyed it and this was probably only the second time I’ve seen it besides seeing it at the cinema when it was released.  I did enjoy the third one a bit more and the fourth one I loved especially the whole hotel in Dubai – I was terrified when I saw it at the cinema but that’s mainly because I have a massive fear of heights.

It was interesting watching them all together because you get the sense of how Ethan’s character has changed and developed throughout the movies and how special effects have improved since the first one.  It also prepared me for seeing the fifth Mission Impossible film too.  I hate going to a sequel and forgetting what had happened in the previous one so I always try to watch the previous ones before I go.

Very glad I did do the marathon though it’s not one I’m likely to do again as I didn’t really enjoy the middle two movies too much..