This I have ready to go.

I was going to do this weekend but am going to have lunch with family for my sister’s birthday and with work and travel I won’t be able to (I don’t think).

So I am planning on it for the weekend of the 11th July.

I have rented Lethal Weapon 2,3 and 4 from ITunes but haven’t started it yet so still have 30 days to watch.

I have access to the first one through Quickflix (Australia’s version of Netflix) so all things being equal I am planning it for next Friday night.


I started yesterday afternoon at 4pm – I didn’t quite finish last night but I watched the last hour of Lethal Weapon 4 this morning.

I mainly wanted to do it because I’d seen little bits of the films but never had sat down and watched one through in its entirety.

For an action buff like me, was well worth it.