1. Go Whale Watching

2. Buy Queensland Reds Jersey

3. Make Homemade Pizza

4. Give up TV for one week

5. Be Influential on Klout

6. Create a Website

7. See a 3D Movie

8. Watch all of the Lord of the Rings Movies Back to Back

9. Graduate from University

10. Sponsor a Child

11. Visit a World Expo

12. Graduate from High School

13. Move out of home

14. Have a Positive Net Worth

15. Read The Hobbit

16. Ride in a Police Car

17. Sing for an audience

18. Play for an audience

19. Go to a Chocolate Factory

20. Sing Karoake in Public

21. Reduce my facebook friends to people I know

22. Go to a midnight showing of a movie

23. Get my ears pierced

24. Learn to drive

25. Pass my driver’s license test

26. Get my first car

27. Do my own taxes

28. Do a Lethal Weapon Marathon

29. Buy something from Ebay

30. Sell something on Ebay

31. Read an entire book in one day

32. Hold down a full time job again

33. Spend an entire day watching Disney Movies

34. Take different driving routes each day for a week

35. Buy an Apple TV

36. Do a Twenty Four Hour Silence

37. Never work full time again

38. Have a bubble bath

39. Take my own lunch to work instead of buying it

40. Visit a museum

41. Serenade Someone

42. Go to a sporting event

43. Give to charity

44. Go to a concert

45. Learn to swim

46. Buy a new car

47. Try Wii Fitness

48. Get the Nintendo Wii

49. Have someone think I am younger than I am

50. Have a candlelit bath

51. Read the bible in full

52. Get an IPod

53. Experience a driving holiday around Tasmania

54. Order Room Service

55. Buy something from a TV shopping channel

56. Go to a Matchbox Twenty concert

57. Donate clothing to people who need it

58. Become a mentor

59. Quit your job

60. Take a trip to the zoo

61. Watch all the Shrek movies

62. Watch all the Die Hard movies

63. Finish CPA Program

64. Advance to CPA

65. Ask for a pay rise

66. Try Kayaking

67. Ride a rollercoaster

68. Win a competition

69. Get friends (may sound silly but that’s all I wanted at school)

70. Get my epilepsy under control

71. Spend the whole day by yourself

72. Visit a beach

73. Pull an all nighter

74. Steal a road works sign

75. Ride in a water taxi

76. Use a Jacuzzi

77. Survive a disaster

78. Earn a certificate for the sake of learning

79. Read the book before I see the movie

80.  Do a Chronicles of Narnia Marathon

81.  Donate Fly Buys Points to Charity

82.  Finish a Crossword Puzzle

83.  Finish all Twilight Movies

84. Bake a Cake with no instant mixes

85. Do a somersault

86. Go for a glass bottom boat ride

87. Search to give by using a search engine that donates to a nonprofit of your choice for every search you make (like GoodSearch)

88. Take a walk in the rain

89. Write a letter to Santa Claus

90. Pick up someone else’s litter

91. Watch a movie marathon

92. Take Mum to see a 3D movie

93. Meet someone that I have lost touch with

94. Help someone in distress

95.  Get an autograph from a Sydney Roosters player

96.  Contact an old friend

97.  Spend a day at the Movies

98.  Finish creating a Course in Udemy

99.  Buy a carpet shampooer so I can shampoo my own carpets