Taking It One Step At A Time

A bucket list is a long term view.  The problem is we live in a word with instant everything - instant coffee, instant food, instant downloads and the problem with that is that we want results now.  We want to be able to achieve everything on our dream list today or by next week at the least. The thing is a bucket list is a life list, you need to be prepared to wait and to work gradually towards your goals and dream.  It doesn't happen overnight, in a week, in a month or even a year but it does…
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Working out a plan if you fall behind

In life there will always be times we will fall behind in what we want to do.  If you don't you may not be setting goals that stretch you enough or are hard enough to attain. So what do you do if you fall behind? You need another plan but one that is achievable to attain. I'll give you an example from my own experience.  I had a plan that I wanted to achieve 250 things on my bucket list by the time I was 35.  However I reached my 35th birthday and had only completed 170.  That's a fair…
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