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  • Finished Two More Movies
    Yesterday I finished two more movies – “The Lost Weekend” and “2001: A Space Odyssey”. “The Lost Weekend” won an Oscar for best picture in the 1940’s and depicts one man’s struggle with alcoholism and is a great movie highlighting the problem of alcoholism in today’s society.   “2001: A Space Odyssey” is far different […]
  • The General 
    PYesterday I watched another movie, “The General”, a Buster Keaton silent movie which is one of my movie lists but I forget which one at the moment.  Anyway as silent films go it was enjoyable and it also means I can now return it. The only other thing I have been really making progress on […]
  • An American In Paris.
    Last night I watched another Oscar winning movie – An American in Paris.  Surprisingly, I had never seen it before and it was very enjoyable. I have now seen 45 of the 88 Oscar winning movies for Best Picture so I am slowly getting through the list.   Also this week season nine starts on […]
  • Two More Books Read
    Of course one of them I actually started and finished yesterday and the other I had already read over half of it but I am getting a little closer to my target of reading 1000 books. On Saturday I did end up returning a pile of books to the library as I never got around […]
  • Why Reading Is Important 
    I love reading but there’s a few reasons why reading is important: It provides an opportunity to learn something new.  Even I am reading a leadership book or something else that I know a lot about there is always some insight that can be gleaned.  I always find it a lot easier than listening to […]
  • Setting Up A Proper Home Office
    One of the things I have been working on is transforming my spare room into a proper home office rather than working wherever the opportunity arises. So firstly I had to move out the spare bed.  Fortunately disassembling and reassembling this bed is pretty easy to do one’s own (my other bed – not so […]
  • Four Books To Go
    I mentioned yesterday that I was in the middle of reading five books.  Well no longer as I have finished reading one of them and am nearly half way through another.  I am going to try and finish today or tomorrow and then will be down to three. I am looking forward to finishing as […]
  • I am going to finish what I start
    Sadly at the moment this isn’t true as I am in the middle of five books and was contemplating starting a John Grisham novel but that would be foolish until I at least finish the books I have already started. If you are wondering what led me to starting five books lets just say I […]
  • When Plans Don’t Work As They Should
    Sometimes, no matter what plans you have for your bucket list things will go wrong and things you planned to do need cancelling or postponing. For me its usually a computer problem or a work problem crops up and the things I had planned I have to delay sometimes indefinitely. It’s important in these problems […]
  • Gentlemen’s Agreement 
    Today I watched another Oscar winning movie, “Gentlemen’s Agreement”.  From 1947, it an interesting depiction of the battle with racism.  As a movie, it is very enjoyable and is still relevant today. I have a couple more movies to watch this week as they are due to be returned.  Not sure when I will get […]